Shannon McCurdy

Postdoctoral Scholar
Pachter Group
California Institute for Quantitative Biosciences
UC Berkeley
email: smccurdy [at] berkeley [dot] edu

Research Interests

I am a postdoctoral scholar in computational biology with Professor Lior Pachter at the California Institute for Quantitative Sciences at UC Berkeley. I am a recent transplant into the field of computational biology; my dissertation was on theoretical physics. My broad interest is in the underlying mathematical models for biological problems. More specifically, I am interested in applications of statistical modeling, machine learning, and graph theory to biological contexts. My current research is on the assembly of a highly repetitive DNA sequences from next-generation sequencing data and on the effects of population structure on associations between genetic variation and gene expression.


Ori J. Ganor, Sharon Jue, and Shannon McCurdy, ``Ground States of Duality-twisted Sigma-Models with K 3 Target Space," JHEP 1302, 017 (2013).

Shannon McCurdy, Bruno Zumino, ``Covariant Star Product for Exterior Differential Forms on Symplectic Manifolds." AIP Conf.Proc.1200:204-214 (2010).


I enjoy teaching immensely. I was the instructor for the Fall 2013 UC Berkeley Physics Department's honors introductory course on thermal physics, electricity, and magnetism (H7B).

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