Mathematical and Computational Biology Seminar

Organized by Valerie Hower, Spring 2011

Wednesdays 2-3pm in 939 Evans.


Date Speaker Affiliation Talk
January 26
Carlos Bustamante
Population genetics in the personal genome era
February 2
Benny Chor
Tel-Aviv U
Genomic DNA k-mer spectra: models and modalities
February 9
Colin Dewey
U Wisconsin
Beyond counts: quantifying transcript expression with RNA-Seq and generative probabilistic models
February 16 Jin Yu
UC Berkeley
Modeling molecular machines that drive genetic process
February 23
Adam Roberts
UC Berkeley
Improving RNA-Seq expression estimates by correcting for fragment bias
March 2
No seminar due to a job talk today
March 9 David Koslicki
Penn State
Topological entropy of DNA sequences
March 16 Monica Nicolau
Progression analysis of disease: extracting information from the intrinsic geometry of microarray data sets
March 30
Chuong (Tom) Do
23andMe, Inc.
Genome-wide association studies of hundreds of phenotypes, using tens of thousands of individuals
April 6
Matthias Steinruecken
UC Berkeley
Importance sampling for Lambda-coalescents
April 13 Kirk Lohmueller UC Berkeley Negative natural selection affects multiple aspects of genetic variation across the human genome
April 20 Vladimir Jojic
A model of differential regulation in immune cell development and disease progression
April 27 Mariel Vazquez
DNA unknotting and unlinking
May 4
Jotun Hein
Algorithms for statistical alignment and annotation of many sequences
May 11
Pall Melsted
U Chicago
De novo transcriptome assembly

See the Center for Computational Biology Calendar for other related talks around campus.