Mathematical and Computational Biology Seminar

Organized by Sharon Aviran, Fall 2012

Wednesdays 2-3pm in 740 Evans.


Date Speaker Affiliation Talk
September 12
Eleazar Eskin
Spatial structure in genetic data: traces of our history in our DNA
September 19
Adi Stern
UC Berkeley
Detecting parallel evolution in vaccine-derived Poliovirus using a maximum likelihood based method
September 26

October 3 Noah Zaitlen
October 10
Itai Sharon
UC Berkeley
Reconstructing complete genomes from metagenomic data and the way to community genomics
October 17
Noah Zaitlen
Leveraging admixture analysis to resolve missing and cross-population heritability in GWAS
October 24 Brendan Frey
Univ. of Toronto
Hilbert space models of gene regulation and splicing
October 31 Joanna Kelley
De novo assembly of genomes: challenges and biological insights
November 7
Alain Laederach
Boltzmann suboptimal sampling as a more accurate approach to predicting the deleterious effects of disease-associated SNPs on RNA structure
November 14
Vineet Bafna
The breakage fusion bridge and other exotic structural variations: combinatorics and cancer genomics
November 28 Steffen Durinck Genentech Integrative Cancer Genomics

See the Center for Computational Biology Calendar for other related talks around campus.