Mathematical and Computational Biology Seminar

Organized by Valerie Hower, Fall 2010

Wednesdays 2-3pm in 939 Evans.


Date Speaker Affiliation Talk
September 1 Peter Jarvis
U Tasmania
Markov invariants and phylogenetic reconstruction
September 8
Ruriko Yoshida
U Kentucky
Optimality of the neighbor joining algorithm and faces of the balanced minimum evolution polytope
September 15
No seminar this week
September 22
Kelley Harris UC Berkeley
Using coalescent theory to infer identity by descent from identity by state in population sequencing data
September 29
No seminar this week
October 6
Javier Arsuaga SFSU
Using computational algebraic topology to characterize chromosome instability in cancer
October 13
Michael Brudno
U Toronto
Discovering INDEL and copy number genomic variation from high-throughput sequencing
October 20
Robert Guy
UC Davis
Channeling instabilities in the cytoplasm of motile amoeboid cells
October 27
Daniel Zerbino
Velvet, Oases and Columbus: de novo and assisted assembly of short sequences into genomes and transcriptomes using de Bruijn graphs
November 3
Oscar Westesson UC Berkeley, UCSF
Accurate phylogenetic indel modeling via sequence transducers
November 10
Dustin Cartwright
UC Berkeley
How are SNPs distributed in genes?
November 17
Zohar Yakhini
Enrichment statistics for ranked lists and applications in epigenomics and transcriptomics
December 1
Tal Pupko
Tel Aviv U
Evolutionary models accounting for layers of selection in protein coding genes and their impact on the inference of positive selection
December 8
Caroline Uhler
UC Berkeley
Geometry of maximum likelihood estimation in Gaussian graphical models

See the Center for Computational Biology Calendar for other related talks around campus.