Mathematical and Computational Biology Seminar

Organized by Lior Pachter, Spring 2009

Wednesdays 2-3pm in 939 Evans.


Date Speaker Affiliation Talk
January 28 Daniel Falush University College Cork, Ireland History of human admixture inferred by sloppy painting
February 4 Michael Baym MIT TBA
February 11 -- 2pm Carina Curto NYU Stimulus space topology and geometry from neural activity
February 11 -- 3pm Natalie Arkus Harvard Self-assembly of spherical colloidal particles at low N
February 18 Graham Coop UC Davis TBA
February 25 Perry de Valpine UC Berkeley TBA
March 4 Meromit Schuster UC Berkeley Inferring whole genome methylation status using high-throughput sequencing
March 11 Rahul Satija University of Oxford TBA
March 18 Nicholas Eriksson 23andMe TBA
April 1
April 8
April 15
April 22 Sandrine Dudoit UC Berkeley TBA
April 29

See the Graduate Group in Computational Biology Seminar List for other related talks around campus.