ReXpress Incremental RNA-Seq Remapping


Latest version (1.1.0)

Original paper version (0.9.1)


ReXpress Manual


Roberts A, Schaeffer L, Pachter L. (2013) Updating RNA-Seq analyses after re-annotation. Bioinformatics 29 (13):1631--1637.

Update Notes

Version 1.1.0 Features the addition of "focus" mode, which allows a pre-selected group of transcripts to be selectively estimated in more detail. Also includes a more verbose debug mode.

Test Data used

Cufflinks test data, 60h time point

Refseq indexes

ReXpress was mainly developed by Adam Roberts and Lorian Schaeffer, with the help of Lior Pachter.

ReXpress is under the GNU General Public License

(last modified on April 20, 2014)